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Singapore 2008

2009 July 8
by dreams

Finally, have updated the KL trips of mine last year after taking such a long time. Before i start the dues for Singapore updates, this was taken the last trip at KL where it was my first time playing Futsal. My Lungs have dropped off few times! It’s really nice to sweats it all out. Perhaps it’s time to work out abit….. a simple one will do……


KL is never far for me and perhaps some of you might few the same way too. Enjoying the 5 hours of Coach journey with shinning stars up in the sky accompany you if you are taking the night ride which i always do.

And that’s how some of friends came for a short escape during the weekends, especially when there are some music festivals or shows going on in Singapore.

Tomas and Gangs were back with me during the 1st trip to KL and it’s really fun but this will happen when too many young boys cramping in a small tiny room. LOL, there were load of laughters thru out the whole night and not many photos that can be shown on public! Btw, it’s all healthy photos :)



Soon, few days passed and time for them back for work. Tomas will be back just in about 2 weeks time where he having his 1st performance with his Silent Scenery.

Here Tomas playing his Bass during the show last year, soon this Aug he will be here again to perform at the BayBeats 2009 at Esplanade.

Furniture was here too for the same show last year. It been a long long time that have seen them play “Live” those good olden days :) The touring in SIngapore and those KL performances!


And here is Ronnie, the founder of Furniture. Where i met him and the band member years back during a music festive in Singapore. Furniture is the first KL independent band that i ever known and that’s how the friendships started for me with the whole bunch of my KL friends! :)


Here are some of the photos when i just met the band where i am still using negative. Miss the olden days!


Furniture, 2, “To play a perfect set!”

Ron, 28, “rule the world!”

Adrain, 27, “Own a fast food chain”

Jeremy, 24, “Own a farm”

Keng, 27, ” To be a successful TOW KAY!”

Dhany, 24, “Record-Label owner”
Back then, Dhany was one of organizers that bring in bands to perform in Singapore.

And along the years, Furniture’s member has changed too. Left Ron and Adrian the only pioneers as the others are coping with their careers.




Just right after the show, we went for coffee and were “watching F1″ too!!!!

Verana, 27, “House by the beach, horse, dog and RON.”

Ina, 26, “To live and work in NYC by the time i’m 29″

Intan, 28 “To travel & take picture of places”

That night didt end early cos had another coffee session with Harjana. That was the night that i officially know Ping after we heard about each other quite often.

Ping, 28, “Be a free spirit”

Song, “To travel world’s beaches”

Ming, “Capture beautiful images”

That’s all for tonight! Eyes zonking and heart is pounding hard! Stay tune and soon there are more updates to come!!! Yet now, i still super duper overdue!

Night everyone, sweet dreams!

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