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2009 May 30
by dreams

Nevertheless, time really passes just a blink of time. Things don’t happen really what we foresee nor it’s excepted but it won’t kill off a fair bit of faith that we have. Have done with breads long time ago and now been busy looking for flour. Been busy preparing stuff for a “better” tomorrow.

Back to the updates which should have done long time back and it’s kind of total “chaotic” as it so much to updates. Now trying my ultimate to recall every single second of it. Beside Malaysia trip updates for last year and also 2 short trips that i visited Hatyai.

Last year, after meeting those kids during the last trip in KL to visit my friends and decided to pay them another visit to pass them the photos personally together with a little surprises!

It just a little gifts that i thought will be nice for them. Thought of stationaries and some clothing will be great for them. Unfortunately, that i couldn’t afford to buy so many, especially clothes. But managed to collected some used clothes and of cos strict QC was conducted.

Many thanks to Harjana, my nephew and nieces to donated their clothes. And Annette too, she was the one who i order the stationaries. Insisted, not want my money as she has learned the story about the children from Harjana. As promised, i still owe her a meal!

Here are the stuff that i got for them and as usually, preparing of getting it up there is never easy when u are doing alone.








On the same weekend, KC was in Singapore due been sent for a job assignment, glad that he was here and i headed to KL together with him :)

It was smooth journey along the way beside a little jam when this happened.

It’s always nice to catch up with friends and knowing they are doing well in life, at least still breathing healthily. Of cos there are lot more and below 2 pics are just a representatives. :)



As before, i am staying at Keng’s place and with the help of the Tomas’s gang. I travel without worry as they always make sure i am able to find my destination.

Even those long works at Sg that i have done was still not enough and with the help from them, it make things easier for me to accomplish this “mission”.





I am every excited to see the children as i don’t know how will they react to see all these. And my friends are excited to meet them too!

Are you?

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