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2009 January 20
by dreams

sighz……. i am way back dated and lost the sequences of updating the stuff. Wish all of you are good and healthy to welcome this brand new year, 2009.

2008 was “tremendous” year for all, perhaps.

So what have you done on the last day of 2008 to welcoming the brand new 2009? Nothing much for me as usual. Just took part in this event “Eye The City” – A VISUAL ACCOUNT OF THE LAST 24 HOURS. AN EVENT HELD YEARLY TO PRESERVE THE COLLECTIVE MEMORIES OF SINGAPORE THROUGH THE MEDIA OF PHOTOGRAPHY ON THE LAST DAY OF EACH YEAR. And those selected entries will be printed in a book for that year collection. See you there for this coming year end!

Personally, i find it very meaningful as it’s allow one to think deeply and recall what’s had happened thru out the whole year etc…….it’s my fourth participations.

The following are my entries with the write up of how i feel and thoughts for this 2008. Submitted 2 single photo and an essay photos story.


My Ice-breaker

Another year passed, what are worth us to be remembered? Especially those sad stories that we have heard, from Cyclone visited Myanmar to Sichuan earthquake and those innocent lives that have taken away in the name of “whatever”.

Today, here with me, my little chalkboard which has been with me for the past 5 years plus. Just a little project of mine that i would love to share with people wherever i go and whenever i can.

“Do you remember the last time you pause in the highway of life and thought about your dreams? Remember what it felt like?”

These questions are the preamble to my favourite moments when I catch unknowing individuals…

It is my belief that we live to dream and I’m perhaps one of the biggest dreamer. All of us have our dreams, regardless of our biological or geographical differences. With dreams, we are a step closer to breakthroughs for we can see the possibilities in what was once impossible.

That is the foundation which I have built my “Dreams” series on. The snapshot of an essence in which the subject may not even be fully conscious of. The snapshot that awakens the inner vitality which might otherwise remains in hibernation if not for the flashes of light to remind them to wake up for Spring.

With my camera and a spring in my steps, I hope to bring Spring to the people who cross my path and perhaps in the process find my own Spring too.

Btw, what’s your dream?


Safety Measure

From this new year onwards, smokers must always be mindful of where we are while we are smoking, especially in public places. We must always make sure that we are at least 5 meters away from commercial buildings and entrances etc. Be careful. Do not cross the line with the new smoking laws.


Symptom of Smoking Ban – Photo-essay.
On 2 July 2007, an aunty ‘educated’ me about the new smoking laws implemented on 1st July.

This year, the laws are again EXPANDED and being a smoker myself, I am in a FIX literally. I was torn apart by the dilemmas I felt. I love the IDEA of a “smoke-free” environment while I am in a club or any indoor premises but I hate the feeling of losing the basic freedom of a human. On top of that, smokers are not by default offenders or people without conscience or sense.

Though I lost the freedom to smoke in various other premises, I must not be powerless to deal with my dissatisfaction. Being driven to the brink of insanity, I began hallucinating. After all, with the laws EXPANDED and are WELL-COVERED, it would seem that smokers are marginalized. Being so minute in the eyes of the laws, (on second thoughts, ironically, we are rather magnified because all the laws are after us) I could only surrender my mind to hallucination to regain control over my helplessness.

A perfect haven for smokers…




In the little world in my head, although many places are well-covered, there are bird cells constructed especially for minions like myself. As I looked around me, there are no longer bins with ash trays… I am glad I have my trusty mobile ash tray with me, just so to keep Singapore litter-free. The smoking laws continue expanding, and so must my yellow box from 07, to be (within the box, always) I have too, increased my bandwidth. Finally, all good things must come to an end… so when will the smoking ban?


Most importantly, when will wars and poverty end?

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